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What is the demopool?

Reconditioned IT from the Lenovo and Samsung Hardware-Demopools

Our stocks are predominantly reconditioned Demopool devices from the Hardware-Demopools run by Samsung and Lenovo. Both these companies offer a service known as Demopool to large enterprises from which these companies may loan customized IT products giving them the opportunity for evaluation, whether the PCs or notebooks in question meet their specific requirements, before placing a large order. Being a Lenovo and Samsung business partner, our stocks are derived exclusively from the test period management.

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On-site maintenance center

Customer testing of the Demopool units takes but a few weeks. After the clients have concluded their evaluations, the hardware is being returned to the maintenance center at Gustav Windeit GmbH, where they are checked and serviced by trained IT specialists. Day by day, over 50 employees ensure that our products comply with Lenovo’s and Samsung’s high quality standards. After concluding our checks, these reconditioned devices are being re-marketed as used IT.

Product lineup

At NBWN.de we offer a large selection of Samsung and Lenovo Demopool units to retailers as well as project clients and private customers. Our range of products is being extended and adjusted in accordance with the latest technical developments. Our product lineup comprises, amongst others:

  • Notebooks, subnotebooks, ultrabooks and tablets, e.g. ThinkPad Series T, W, L, Edge and S, Samsung Series 9 notebooks
  • ThinkCentre, IdeaCentre and All-in-One computers, e.g. ThinkCentre Series M and ThinkStations Series D and E
  • ThinkClients and ZeroClients
  • Monitors in various sizes, e.g. ThinkVisions TFTs up to 19“
  • Accessories, spare parts and warranty extensions

Innovation, price and quality

By offering our serviced, mint-condition second hand Lenovo and Samsung devices, we offer our clients an attractive alternative to purchasing new premium qualtiy IT devices. The units offered are but a few weeks old, allowing us to offer high quality, checked hardware at competitive prices. Our services are aimed at business clients looking to avoid high acquisition costs as well as at private customers hoping to purchase a low-price notebook or workstation.

Full warranty

Our clients benefit from the full warranty of the product that they have purchased. Receiving certified equipment in mint condition, our customers can often save up to 40% in comparison to the purchase of a new unit.

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