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Scope of Delivery of the Demopool

Notes on the Scope of Delivery of Demo-Pool Devices


Basically speaking, the following accessories are always included in the scope of delivery:


  • storage battery
  • mains adapter
  • power cable

PC System:

  • power cable

TFT Monitors:

  • power cable
  • monitor cable (depending on the model)

Rescue & Recovery:

If, in terms of the offer description, the device is to be delivered with an operating system, this is preinstalled on the so-called "rescue & recovery partition". From here the operating system is installed for the first time. From here you can also install it again, or repair it, at any time.

Important Note:

Recovery CDs/DVDs or driver CDs are usually not included in the delivery, even for first deliveries by Lenovo, and invariably form no part of the offer (exceptions made for certain model series are indicated accordingly in the article description).

With the preinstalled tools it is possible to create one's own recovery CDs.

With its Rescue & Recovery solution Lenovo offers a comprehensive solution to data security and data recovery. Further information can be found on the Lenovo Internet site. Please follow this link.

Optional Scope of Delivery:

Where available, the following can optionally be included in the scope of delivery:

  • operating instructions
  • an extra cable
  • dummy cover
  • additional covers
  • track-point caps
  • original carton packaging, etc.


We always try to provide such parts with the devices - though in the context of the test periods, unfortunately, these parts are often not returned, making such provision often impossible. For this reason we ask for your understanding that these parts may not be present and that, in terms of the description of the article, this represents no deficit and no reason for complaint.

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